Welcome to The Experience Collective, a business providing specialist experiences, crafted uniquely to a brand and their audience. The Experience Collective are proprietors of The White Swan Country Hotel in Greytown. The hotel has boutique accomodation, a formal dining experience, a gastro pub and a garden bar. They also oversee brewery experience tours in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand, managing visitor experiences for Tui and Monteith’s Brewery – The Experience Collective team supply a journey that isn’t your average beer tasting.  

Put simply, they offer something a little different for 70,000 yearly visitors, across three locations all whilst pushing the boundaries of what is expected from already existing tourism attractions.

Rosie and Nick Rogers

Meet The Team

The forward thinking couple Rosie and Nick Rogers are the brains and drive behind the business and are creative experience experts, having extensive knowledge gained from years working in brand communications, marketing, events and tourism.

Nick spent over 15 years working with DB Breweries, rolling out many major experiential projects. Whilst Rosie knows the ins and outs of all things brand engagement and has not only worked with brands such as the Hurricanes and Wellington Free Ambulance but also created her own events company working with regional New Zealand events. Together they know how to highlight brand qualities and implement cohesive visitor journeys that are second to none.

The White Swan Country Hotel, Greytown
Tui HQ
Monteiths Brewing Co.


For The Experience Collective, it is about truly connecting with others, developing relationships that leave a positive, memorable and meaningful mark on the experiences had by both international and local visitors alike. Over time, the team have been able to pool ideas, craft journeys and constantly look ahead to shape interactions between brand, venue and visitor.

The Experience Collective is an ever-growing, futuristic hub which is truly outstanding at what it does. Connect with them today and let’s make stuff happen.